Day 14 – A Perfect Ride!

Today I had a perfect ride! And it was in Nebraska, no less! Go figure. After driving through Nebraska several times in the past, I just found it to be long and boring. I thought you could wall it off and make it a prison. No, wait. That was Nevada. And I’ll stick to my guns on that one.

Nebraska from a cyclist’s view, is actually quite beautiful (once you get out of the wind). There are lots of wild flowers along the roadside. The roads wind through the countryside rather than just stretching straight out. There are great barns that sit waiting for you to come around the bend.Β And there are little towns to roll through every ten to fifteen miles.

Today was good temperature wise, wind direction wise, and energy wise. I love days like this! Your prayers and positive thoughts helped tremendously last night after a tough day in the wind! The first fifty miles had a mild cross wind with a slight tailwind component. Then the afternoon came. I expected things to change. And boy, did they! I happened upon the perfect road! Smooth as silk and with a very calm wind. I averaged over 20 mph. for the last 40 miles. Fun!IMG_4728

Well, it was perfect for me! Just as I rolled into the campsite, Mr. SAG discovered that my front tire had gone flat! Off to work for him. It turned out that I must have rolled over some metal splinters on the way in. Tire fixed. Ready for tomorrow!IMG_4731

The Ride:

Pics of the day:

The song of the day is one that was sent to me last night by a friend. It was the first one that playedΒ  from my play list this morning too!

Ride on!



10 thoughts on “Day 14 – A Perfect Ride!”

  1. you are rocking it Michele, I am loving checking in on your journey each day. Love the pics and the thoughts as you make this incredible journey. You are an inspiration!!

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  2. Yay to perfect days!! So happy to see how much you are enjoying your adventure!!
    And, it’s good that Ken has at least one extra task to complete everyday-keeps him on his toes. Haha

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