MAA – Day 13 – What if I Say “I love the wind!”?

This morning I had a nice leisurely ride on a country road that started to remind me of the ones I rode through the Midwest years ago. The road hazards were big farm tractors. And I made it back into the land of the huge round hay bales. The winds were there, but only at 8.5 mph., so doable.DSC01365

It was 50 miles of pleasantness. Then the afternoon hit, as did the winds! They gradually increased over the next several hours. and always a direct headwind, until they hit a sustained 18.5 mph. for the last two hours of riding. Ugh! Enough already! Wind

This is what that looks/sounds like:

So I figure, if I say “I love the wind!” maybe my test will be done! 🙂

Pics of the day:

And Mr. SAG offers this one as proof that we really are on Alien Abduction Highway.DSC01374

My song of the day:

Ride on!

10 thoughts on “MAA – Day 13 – What if I Say “I love the wind!”?”

  1. ….from Cat Stevens: “I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul….where I’ll end up, well I think only God really knows”…..:-)

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