MAA – Day 5 – Those Hills!

To anyone living in the Midwest, I can unequivocally tell you that America is definitely not flat! I always thought the hills between Hammond and South Bend, IN were tough. Boy, was I naïve! Then I thought the hills around Napa Valley were tough. Well, they were. Just in a different sort of way. Today, I started out with a 2.6 mile climb of about 800 feet starting at around 6600 feet elevation (Remember, I live essentially at sea level)! Then I got to ride down a 6% grade for about 2.5 miles! What fun! I LOVE the descents! I thought it was pretty cool. Not too tough given that my legs were fresh. Oh, but not to be outdone…I ended up doing 6 more climbs with the same amount of elevation gain throughout the day (when my legs weren’t so fresh). We even topped the day off with a swirling, mostly cross, sometimes head wind at a steady 17 mph. with gusts up to 35mph. Even the big box (think sail) sag wagon was nervous waiting for me in that! Made it through, though, and survived Route 50! Ride on!

Lesson of the day: when you take off your sunglasses, don’t touch the lenses with your fingers!

Pics of the day:

Song of the day: Psalm 121

Ride on!

11 thoughts on “MAA – Day 5 – Those Hills!”

  1. Oh snap! I was on the right day! I’m just giving you some entertaining blunders to keep you occupied on your ride tomorrow! “That PC she sure is dumb when it comes to things like blogs and social media-but she’s ok anyway!” Haha

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