MAA – Day 4 – The Loneliest Road

It sure is the loneliest road in America! There ain’t nothin’ out there! There was a stretch through the day where I didn’t see any cars or other humans for 61 minutes. And yes I was tracking that. How else does one keep their mind occupied?

I started out the day from Fallon. After navigating through the back streets for about a half hour, I met up with Route 50. Once I turned onto 50, the next prompt said “In 100 miles, turn right. So I turned it off. I think I could find my way. 🙂

The rest of the day was just pure nothing! A lot of long slow relentless climbs, though! 97 miles with 3970 feet of elevation gain. I did get a nice max speed of 36.7 mph coming down from the last pass. The whole reason you climb!

Speaking of descents, this is what it looked like coming down from Spooner Pass yesterday (view from the Sag).

Lessons learned today…

Don’t ride over cattle grates! (Luckily I didn’t)IMG_4354

The rumble strips are nasty!IMG_4364

And here are the other pics from today. Don’t get too excited

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Song of the day…

Ride on!










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