Barns Across America

I’ve always been drawn to barns. Something about them intrigues me. It might be the history they seem to hold, or the way the sunlight seems to perk up their old worn out siding. It might be that I grew up in rural upstate New York and they tended to be landmarks on the way to places.  I remember one I was always drawn to because it was so pristine looking. You could see it off in the distance, just after Rochester, on the way home from Buffalo. It might be that I have really fond memories of visiting Kandi’s family farm while in college. We got to witness baby Joey (calf) being born one year. We always picked corn right off the stalk to have for meals. And her mom made the most delicious barbecued chicken with a white marinade that I’ve never been able to recreate. It was probably the open pit method that I just don’t have in town.

Here are some that I’ve seen on my cycling trips around the Napa area. And I’ll be sharing barns that connect with me as I move ever so slowly (relatively speaking) across america starting in less than 25 days! Oh my!!

Napa, CA – 5-mile loop
Napa, CA – Oak Knoll District
Napa, CA – Bay Trail
Dixon, CA – Not really a barn, but I like it.

What draws your attention?

Ride on!

7 thoughts on “Barns Across America”

  1. I’m partial to barns too. Years ago, I panelled my bedroom wall at the cottage with barn boards stolen (?) for a dilapidated barn nearby. In fact, now I’m considering redecorating the cottage kitchen with reclaimed barn boards.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your next trip. I have wanted to cycle across the country for years, and hope to do it next summer.

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