First Day of Spring…Ha!

Today marked the first day of Spring. I’ve been living in California for 27 years now and I don’t ever remember a year when it rained so much in March, much less the first day of Spring. Mind you, I grew up in upstate New York where this weather would be welcomed. I went to college in Buffalo where we seemed to have precipitation 300 days/year (actual average is 93 days). And I worked in the Chicago area where the wind chilled you to the bone – so I’m not exactly a weather weenie. But come on! I have to get my mileage up. Counting today, I figure I have about 72 days left to get my act together if I’m going to make it across America.

So, I went out and rode. Got a quick 20 in after work. A bit soggy, but not nearly as cold as it was in December! An added plus was that it was at least still light out. Looks like this week will bring more of the same. Good thing I won’t likely melt!IMG_3667

Ride on!

2 thoughts on “First Day of Spring…Ha!”

  1. Well, I have to look at the bright side of all of that rain for you…. At least we’ll have a year’s reprieve from you guys trying to drain the Great Lakes so you can water the lawn because the ignorant among you have the right to as much water as they want if they’re “willing to pay the bill”.

    That quote was from a Californian who used 17 million gallons in the middle of a drought. So he could have a green lawn.


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