MAA – Day 23 – Old Stomping Grounds

Thank you Indiana for reminding me what humidity is! I will never again refer to any California day as humid! Of course, the rain, first thing in the morning, and last thing on the way into camp helped cool it off a bit. I loved riding through the mist of the crop watering thingys too. (That’s the technical term, by the way.)DSC01622

It was fun riding today through the area I lived in almost thirty years ago. Some things looked exactly the same. Others, not so much. The Indiana Dunes area is quite beautiful and peaceful. And since Mr. SAG calls me Wrongway  Woman, I’ll let you know that I got lost in them with a friend while cross country skiing many years ago! Ahh! Memories!IMG_5118

I made a quick detour up into Michigan today because the roads had changed a bit. I guess that will happen over 30 years! We stayed along the Southern tier on Rt. 12 until we were past Elkhart, IN and then we swung back down into Indiana again. Much better riding than the urban sprawl of yesterday. In Indiana, we were riding mainly through an Amish community. Lot’s of buggies and a few bikes. I even drafted behind one for a while and then passed it pretty easily. Does that mean I put out more than one horse power? lol.DSC01620

Not many pictures from today because the internet connections aren’t great again. You’ll have to catch up later…

Song of the day will have to be a shout out to Kathy W. She’s dying about the fact that I am riding so close – yet so far away from Purdue U.

Ride on!

MAA – Day 22 – Comfort from Dawn ‘Till Dusk

Short post today…

I made it to Indiana! This is the area where I really cut my teeth on long distance cycling. I can’t tell you how many times I rode from Hammond to South Bend and back. It was our century training ride (with Dave N). We would ride it nearly every Saturday and Sunday – March/April to October (depended on when the snow hit). We would push to make the time shorter and shorter, or race certain segments. We got the hundred miles down to under four hours at one point! Not happening today! 🙂IMG_5088

This post is short because I also got to hang out with my college roomie again last night. She told all kinds of stories about our college days. I told Ms. SAG that most of them must have been made up – it couldn’t have been me she was referring to! lol! Fun times, though! She even made/brought us dinner! How cool was that! Thanks Deb!!DSC01611

Aside from getting to city traffic yesterday which was more nerve wracking than any day I’ve ridden thus far, I had Comfort Dog visits to see me off, and welcome me to camp! Sure was great seeing Shami and Barnabas! They calm the nerves so well! Scoobert thinks he’s a comfort dog in training! Ha!

Other pics of the day:

Song of the day (since I’m back in John Cougar territory):

Ride on!


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