MAA – Day 25 – What to Eat?

Day 25 was tough. This is the second day in a row I’ve slept through my alarm so I got sort of a late start. I blame it on the time change. We are now 3 hours ahead of California. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I sort of slipped and fell in the shower last night and cracked my head good on the tile floor. I ended up with a nice bruise on my right hip and a golf ball sized bump on my head. There was no LOC or other concussion symptoms and I woke up this morning, so I lived to ride another day! Phew! Even the bump was gone.

It turned out to be an excellent riding day – especially after all the rain yesterday. It even started off somewhat chilly! It started in the high 60’s, stayed in the 70’s most of the day, and only got up to the low 80’s while being sunny and partly cloudy with very little wind. The road was mostly good too – didn’t get beat up too much. And we closed the day out in the best campsite yet – Streetsboro, Ohio KOA. Mr. SAG even made a campfire and the girl finally got to make s’mores. She now has had a full camping experience!

Since the scenery didn’t change much, I thought I’d let you know what I eat to keep going every day. This is for John H and the RD’s back at KP, and Joni R, my nutrition experts. Don’t laugh/judge! It’s working so far! 🙂

I usually have a good breakfast – starting with coffee! I had one day where I didn’t have my coffee and it was not good! I have eggs and sweet potato mash or scrambled eggs and sausage, or steel cut oatmeal with raisins and nuts. I’m not even above having a Jimmy Dean egg and sausage croissantwich. It’s quick and easy!

For lunch, I either catch up with the SAG team or have a sandwich on the road. My favorites are peanut butter and jelly, or a turkey, ham and cheese sub with lettuce and tomato.

I’m usually good for about 2 hours after breakfast and then I nibble something about every 20 to 30 minutes. I have a variety of snacks that I can choose from in my trunk pack. RX Bars are great. They are all natural and I have about 8 different flavors. I made my own trail mix (cashews, walnuts and raisins – simple). Then there are Cliff Bars from Team Aaron Comfort Dog. I have fresh fruit (I like cuties and bananas) and packets of almond butter. If I find I need an energy boost, I do have Cliff Bloks and Nuun Tablets available. Pave Bars are new from chef Chris Constantino. I picked up a few at his Campo Velo ride in Napa Valley. They are all natural too – with a date base. Remember, I just have a nibble of any of these.

Back at camp at the end of the day, Mr. SAG usually cooks. He’s a good cook too! (and a good father, dog owner, launderer, clothes washer, bike mechanic, fire starter, handy man, shopper, and all around cheer leader!) Our dinners have included tacos, spaghetti, chicken salad, steak and potatoes, pizza, and more! When I get in, I sometimes have a small chocolate milk (Thanks for the habit Penni!) for an occasional treat, I’ll have a scoop of ice cream, a s’more, or a Lucky Guy Brownie!

And of course there’s water. Lots and lots of water! When we were at 7-8000 feet of altitude and doing a lot of climbing, I was going through about 200 oz. or more per day. It’s now about half of that unless it’s really hot (then it’s close). There you have it!

Song of the day:

Ride on!