MAA – Day 33 – (Omega) Done. Check.

It started as a dream about 30 years ago and after a nice 32 mile ride this morning, I made it across the country to dip my tires in the Atlantic Ocean! My sisters, SAG Actual, and SAG1 (their preferred names now) were there to greet me and record it for the history books! So cool!

I did get within site of the ocean first on a bike path, so I stopped to have a personal moment and take a few selfies. πŸ™‚IMG_5644

Then it was on to Plymouth Rock and the dip in the Atlantic!

Obadiah Comfort Dog caught up to us to extend congratulations too!

Back in Latham, NY, my sister hosted a congratulatory cook out. I was so fortunate to re-connect with another high school pal, Terri!IMG_5707

And our cousins who read about the adventure in the Times Telegram came too! And they brought home made half moons too so they are definitely OK in my book!

The SAG team is just happy they no longer have to move in 20-50 mile increments!DSC01816

Other pics of the day:

Song of the day:

Stay tuned for a few reflections on the month of riding, and then it will be on to the next adventure! πŸ™‚

Ride on!

18 thoughts on “MAA – Day 33 – (Omega) Done. Check.”

  1. You’re amazing! Thank God for your courage, determination, and desire to make the sacrifice for a most worthy cause!! Be bold and be brave!


  2. Congratulations! Finally at your destination and an EPIC ending to your adventures across America!! Now with your family all around you, this July 4th will be an unforgettable one!!

    God has been on your side along the way and blessings through and through! Warm my soul. Have a Wonderful stay in your hometown and a Safe return to CA!

    Cheers to you!!!

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