MAA – Day 29 – Welcome Home!

They say you can’t go back home again once you’ve left. I beg to differ. I always love going home! Home is not just the place. It’s the people. It’s always good to re-connect with family and friends.

Today, I rode home to the Mohawk Valley. We are staying in Ilion which is right next to Herkimer where I am actually from. My Uncle Carl and many cousins live in Ilion and there is a great stop there at the Marina on the Mohawk River/Erie Canal. My sisters and several of my cousins were there to greet me as I rolled in. (Given their history, I sort of thought I’d get a 21 bun salute!) This is a short post because we had a big cook out at their house. I didn’t even take any pictures!

Sharon, a friend since Kindergarten stopped by to say “hi” too! Can you tell which ones we are?

The SAG team stopped on the way in to get one of my favorites! Half moon cookies are unique to the Utica area of New York and they are yummy!IMG_5405

It was a great day to ride and I just enjoyed it. Stopped for only a few pics along the way.

Song of the day:

About 3 1/2 days left to make it to Plymouth, MA and the Atlantic Ocean!

Ride on!

8 thoughts on “MAA – Day 29 – Welcome Home!”

  1. Michelle, you are almost there, I am so excited for you!!! Half moon cookies?!….I am familiar with the Black & White cookies from NY but not knowing the Half Moon cookies is unique to the Utica area!! I was from Brooklyn and my family still live in NY Tri-state area. Goggle says there is a difference but I know for sure, they Both look yummo!! I believe you are the one in the last row, second from the right and Sharon, let me guess, first row, second one from the left?! Plymouth, MA, watch out for Michelle!!! Counting down……….

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  2. Michele,
    It was so wonderful to see you at Grandpa’s after your ride yesterday! Following your trip has been inspiring. Hope you enjoyed the half moons!

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