MAA – Day 10 – Back on track and A Glorious Day

When you have a tough day, God follows it up with a Glorious one. And this one was oh so glorious! We re-positioned around the washed out roads and the non-roads. Then I headed out for a mile high century into Laramie. It was a bit breezy and chilly to start but it warmed up right away, and the breeze was a welcomed tail wind. This was the view in the beginning, so I thought it might be a boring day.DSC01274

Wrong! There were so many great vistas and lots of animals. I think I saw over 100 antelope throughout the day.

For Tom J. πŸ™‚

After I stopped for lunch with the SAG (I’m so lucky)Β at about the half way point, that tailwind started to turn into a cross wind and then headwind. It was sustained over 20 mph. Ugh! You know how I like the wind! The last 15 miles into town were particularly tough. I was spent!IMG_20170609_191636184

Songs of the day:

This first one got into my head this morning and kept coming back all day for whatever reason.

The second one was playing in my ear during the last climb before the run down into town.

Ride on!


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