MAA – Day 9 – It’s All About the SAG

Day 9 of this grand bike tour was interesting to say the least. It started out with a wonderful peaceful ride over rolling hills through big green lush valleys. Almost perfect! Almost. At about the 9-mile mark, my tire started losing air. I pumped it up and it slowly lost it again. Since I was only 9 miles out from camp, I called in the SAG Wagon. They met up with me about 20 minutes later. We decided to just switch out wheels rather than change the tire so we could take a good look at it laterΒ (it was the same oneΒ that went flat yesterday. And off I went. Several miles later, I was concerned about a rubbing noise that had developed. I wasn’t sure what it was, but the bike just didn’t feel right – wasn’t shifting well. I called ahead and had the SAG wait for me. After inspection, it turned out that the wheel was never quite seated right. Once that was corrected, everything was great again!

On to Wyoming! DSC01252

Was cruising along just fine until we learned a couple of the roads I was supposed to be on were washed out. The rivers are all running really high! Unfortunately, we learned there are no other viable roads through the area. So…I hitched a ride with the SAG for 30 miles to our stopping point. We are going to re-position tomorrow and head out on an alternate route. It looks like I’ll be dipping into Colorado for a couple of days after all.

Thanks for the help all day, SAG Team!

By the way, it ended up being a small piece of glass that was imbedded in the tire that gave me the flat both days. All cleaned out now!


Song of the day: Went back to an old favorite of mine.

Ride on!

11 thoughts on “MAA – Day 9 – It’s All About the SAG”

  1. I am enjoying reading about your journey. I read the paragraph about riding along side the “railroad” crew and all the individual random acts of kindness you received that day at our 9:15 huddle. Keep on trucking!

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  2. Love following you on this journey!
    Your Sag Tesm is a Godsend for sure
    On to the next days adventure!!!!!

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  3. Glad you were able to figure out what was going on with your bike tires (s) and found the culprit. Hooray for the SAG team to the rescue. Ride on. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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